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Watch the video to get expert instruction on how to use pepper spray to defend yourself

Imagine a mugger coming up to you on the street demanding all your money..

How about your dream date morphing into a serial rapist?

Frightening isn’t it? Everywhere you go danger is possible.

Although risk is surely scary and inescapable, you can do something about it.

In this world where threats are abound, there are plenty of ways you can defend yourself. But one of the best methods in self-defense is through OC pepper spray.

OC pepper spray is a non-lethal yet effective device to stop any would-be attacker. There are a lot of pepper sprays in the market, but still the most trusted one is mace pepper spray, being a pioneer in the industry.

Here are some of the advantages in getting an OC pepper spray:

•A blast of pepper spray affects the eyes, throat, lungs and nose that can last up to 90 minutes depending on the potency.

•It can cause temporary blindness, extreme coughing, difficulty of breathing, and instant disability, making it quicker for you to flee and seek assistance.

•Mace pepper spray does not cause any permanent damage, definitely no guilty feelings afterwards.

•Most pepper spray products are compact enough to fit your purse or pocket, readily accessible in case of emergency.

Now you know the priceless benefits of an OC pepper spray, you may be wondering where to buy mace? Search no further, is the ideal place where to buy mase . We specialize in various types of pepper sprays customized to your needs.
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