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Mace Pepper Gun

MacePepper Gun 

When considering carrying a pepper gun keep in mind that this does look similar to a gun, so you want to make sure that you do not get into a situation where it is mistaken for real pistol and endangers you. You also do not want to bring it to the airport or anywhere that you will be scanned for weapons since it could cause you delays and problems in those cases. The Mace Pepper Gun requires no license to carry or use.

The pepper spray gun offers ease of use. All you need to do is aim with the laser and press the trigger to shoot. The pepper spray is effective in almost all cases if it hits the attacker in the face, and it will give them a lot of pain and difficulty breathing. Sometimes the effects last up to half an hour, giving you plenty of time to escape from the situation.

mace Pepper gun protection

Hot Shot Pepper Powder Gun

The HotShot™ Pepper Gun

The only self-defense product available today that creates an instant barrier between you and your attacker. The HotShot can be easily carried and concealed, such as in a purse or pocket, Get The Hot shot Pepper Powder Gun launcher protection kit, this device is new for civilian use but has been trusted by law enforcement agencies since 1999, and requires no license to carry or use.

Hot Shot Pepper ball launches a strong irritant cloud of intensely hot pepper powder which creates an instant protective barrier between you and your attackers.

The Hot Shot is a compact, yet powerful, safe and effective personal defense product that blasts about 5 grams of HOT pepper powder onto your attacker from a range up to 12 feet.

Mace Pepper Gun Should Be Your Next Gal Pal

By Karen Abby

Gone are the days when women are treated with love and respect. It used to be that you could almost anywhere at night and still be safe. Nowadays, the thought of a woman alone at night is terrifying.

Being a woman is tough; I hate to burst your bubble but that is the way it is. With the countless incidents of sexual assault, rape and abuse in the news every day, how can you ever feel secure?

It is never enough to just pay attention to your surroundings; you need to have a plan to defend yourself. For maximum protection, you need to have a security weapons to defend yourself from harm too.

An excellent addition to your protection arsenal to consider is a Mace pepper spray gun.

Unlike other self defense weapons like a stun gun, kuboatan or knife that require close contact with an attacker, with the Mace pepper gun you can effortlessly deploy a potent Oleoresin Capsicum formula or OC up to 25 feet so you do not need to be near an attacker. For accuracy, a trigger activated, battery operated LED light for precision aim is included.

Additionally you can choose two types of replaceable spray cartridge refills; OC refills and H2O (water) practice refills, each cartridge contains up to seven 25 foot blasts.

In any danger situation, the element of surprise is essential to effectively defend yourself. A surprise plan and to temporarily disorient an aggressor is your two important goals for a successful escape.

Karen Abby is an author and leading distributor of mace pepper gun.
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